Unites Mind, Body, and Soul.


Deborah puts her heart and soul into every class she teaches. Her exuberant personality transforms a yoga practice into a rejuvenating, invigorating, spiritual, experience. I also enjoy her sense of humor.

- Patricia Solik

Wonderful, fun, classes. Variety and lots of options. teachers (and owners) are very involved and friendly. Each instructor takes pride in their class and the business overall is professional and personable at the same time!

- Leslie Strate

Nice class. Helpful folks.

- Seneca Tantum

Yin class with Kimi is excellent.

- Karen Gerhard

Quality instruction.

- Chris Evans

Friendly front desk and instructor nice rental mats.

- Rich Rogers

Best class I have had in a long time!Best class I have had in a long time!

- Lisa Fisher

First time there. Loved the feeling. Felt very welcome. The class was the first I have taken for sound meditation. Loved it! I am going to another class very soon.

- Jen Casper

First time there. Loved the feeling. Felt very welcome. The class was the first I have taken for sound meditation. Loved it! I am going to another class very soon.

- Jen Casper

Pricing is good and most of the classes are excellent.

- Stephanie Paul

Deborah and all the instructors make the journey so wonderful ?‍♂️

- Christa Luckey

Great studio I really enjoyed it!

- Corey Perez

Great environment! Awesome teachers. Good vibes! It was challenging while keeping such a good flow.

- Kirra Kudla

Beautiful studio. Genuine people. Fair pricing and Ana is a true Pro! ?

- Jennifer Unger

Comfortably sized rooms, referred by a friend, clean and offers classes with varying degrees of difficulty/activeness.

- Cassidy Waters

The class and the teacher were great. I am a beginner and felt very comfortable.

- Adrienne Hedger

Amazing little gem.

- Dee Covarrubias

The sound bath was awesome!

- Alanna Taormina

I adore Lisa's classes

- Tracy Lisauskas

Great instructor- nice facility. The room is a little stuffy/needs airing out but no real complaints?

- Jenn Johnson

Great instructor, atmosphere, clean and not over crowded.

- Sean Smith

I really like this studio. It has great teachers and classes.

- Tiffany Powell

The class offered gentle learning and people at front desk were friendly.

- Iwalani Kalaiwaa

Love the studio. Have to admit I do go to certain teachers' classes. Lisa, Deborah, and Debbie D's Asana sculpt are challenging, organized and flow from start to finish.

- Diane Coffin

It was a great experience.

- Gordon Liana

No pressure, relaxing tone, beneficial class.

- Anita Mattos

The instructor was 100% invested in the yoga class. And the studio is really nice.

- Susan Taylor

Great class, great people. First time there and loved every second of it.

- Alex Wassom

It is always a 10! Each instructor has a unique style and energy they offer in their transformative classes. The front desk is always welcoming and warm! YNG feels like home, practicing yoga with all the friends I've been fortunate to make on my mat.

- Meagan Kaempfer

Nicole Bray was the teacher. I thought she was spectacular. It was the best class I have ever taken. Challenging mindful and spiritual.

- Jimmy Bray

Super challenging workout! Lots of modifications offered?

- Holly Henderson

Todd & Debra are a great team, making sure I was taken care of as a new member to their studio. I loved the two visits and intro to yoga! The result of going was so healing. Debra is a very strong, committed healing teacher. Something everyone needs when being guided to a better you. Todd super down to earth and engaging with people. Thank you both! Also the yoga teacher at the 6:am Wednesday morning was awesome! I look forward to getting to know my body/ self better with YNG Studios.

- Jennifer Lundt Rivera

Great programs, unique, core success class act.

- Krissy Scott

I always get great energy when I come into the class. And it's a great workout!

- Autumn Parks

Beautiful sanctuary.

- Judy Lopez

Asana fit is a very nice and clean studio and our instructor, Kylie was awesome. Her instruction made it easy for me to follow, she was calming and gave a great workout!!

- Amanda Knudsen

Kelsey is amazing.

- Noah Aloush

In past visits, almost all of the classes weren't hard enough; this one was.

- Janet Jackson

Your studio was absolutely awesome the class was absolutely perfect I would highly recommend this to anybody.

- Jody McCurdy


- Louise Black

Teacher Lauren was great.

- John Clayton

Great teacher, awesome hot room, clean/no weird mildew smell, plus I was pushed a ton but was warmed up really well in the beginning so I know I wouldn't hurt myself. Hard to explain, but some classes ramp up too fast and I injure myself easily

- Melissa McFarlin

I’ve been to this studio 2x with great experiences both times. The instruction is a step above and the atmosphere is experienced but chill. I travel a lot and very much appreciate independent high level yoga studios with nice people like YNG. Peace and love.

- Chris Myers

Supper cool place! I brought 5 friends with me last time and they loved it.

- Alexia Goettems

Cute studio, friendly, easy sign up, free classes on Thursdays.

- Dayona Liana

YNG is the best yoga studio. I love the teachers, the hot room, and overall feeling.

- Gina Mercier

I love Alicia! She's the best. Everyone is always friendly, staff and other participants. Always a great class. I left feeling amazing!

- Aimee Grubenhoff

It's a great community and the classes are diverse.

- Stephanie Baerg

Great instructor Clean!! Smells great! Welcoming!

- Jena Roghair

Feeling revitalized.

- Karen Cuda

Loved the sound healing last night.

- Christine Peterson

Variety of classes, good trial period with reasonable rate.

- Mav Reyes

Really fun environment, kind instructors and other clients.

- Steven Ross

Brenda is awesome. So welcoming and created a perfect vibe. The sweet girl who answered the phone and took our payment was awesome as well. We are new to YNG yoga and a bit intimidated. We had a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

- Pamela Evans

The class was awesome ?

- Neil Goodale

Prakash Nam is the best! Would love even more kundalini classes ?

- Barbara Goodale

Awesome instructors that care!

- Sydney Burns

I liked the facility. Staff is very helpful and the people were friendly. I particularly liked the practice. Josh is an excellent, attuned instructor.

- Jennifer Anthony

Barre class was awesome!

- kimi Dawn

Jaylene is amazing.

- Jarod Miller

Great instructors and friendly people!

- Stephanie Von Ernst

The class with Deborah was challenging and loved the heat in the room. The receptionist was patient. I was surprised at the rental cost of the mat for out of towners (usually pay 1 or 2) but gave a 10 for the class!

- Kathy Brobst

Great instructors. Not pretentious. Down to earth warm and welcoming. I love Josh and Nancy so far.

- Nicole Cartolano

I rate the studio a 10. The staff was very friendly, and kind. The studio was very clean and they also have showers. The yoga instructor, Sean, he is the best. I would definitely go back and I highly recommend if you want to practice good yoga you need to visit YNG.

- Tina Avila

Nice calm clean environment.

- Elizabeth Desenganio

You’re the best!

- Robin Schneider

Accommodations made to get me in, and the energy of the room, the instructor was awesome!!

- Staci Minnick

Wonderful class. Looking forward to many more.

- Mia Conway

Great class. Great customer services. Very clean.

- Danielle Ferraro

Excellent class and environment.

- Rick Hanley

Awesome studio. Great people.

- Jeremy Shaw

Time well spent.

- Nedra Horn

Clean. Welcoming staff at the front. Kind instructors.

- Laurene Reu

Yoga made me feel amazing.

- Amber Booth

The teacher was great, the front desk lady, with the cute accent , was super helpful and welcoming.

- Chuck Haidar

Great instructor.

- Milissa Falletta

Love how Maya teaches and like the new set up for shoes.

- Debra Scott

Great atmosphere, hot room, challenging classes, nice bathroom and shower. Not much more I can ask for in a Yoga Studio.

- Tim Cannon

I have been coming since about September and have loved every class I have taken. I love the variety of classes, the professional instructors, the affordable price and the location!?

- Laura Ferrigno

Good instructor for someone new to yoga.

- Matthew Reeves

Good vibe and good instructors.

- Donald Hawthorne

Great studio. No pretense.

- Laura gallagher

Love my home away from home at asana.

- Andréa Melone

100% benefit for my body mind and soul

- Ana Cannon

Because Deborah is the best.

- Katie Dimedio

Happy that the Sunday eve Restorative class has been added back!! Thank you!

- Shelley Wilson

Good overall feel. Good selection of classes.

- Susen Sarpa

Great teachers. Help you push the boundaries of your practice while doing so responsibly with proper form.

- Jacob Sonderegger

It was a fun experience and a great workout that I would love to do with my friends.

- Nate Kuhn

Love Cullen's Sunday morning prayer and YNG.....thank you?

- Vicki Wiker

Great environment and experience! Wonderful teachers

- Nancy Shields

It was a perfect all around workout.

- Becky Kahn

Friendly staff. Very clean facilities, love the App to view schedule and to sign up for classes?

- Karen Taylor