Unites Mind, Body, and Soul.
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With a commitment to total wellness, we align our moral compass and our bodies on the mat for a great reset. We weave the 8 limbs of the yogic path ino our "YNG Pillars."  These pillars, or limbs, unfold the yoga journey as we refine our asana practice and experience a "fountain of youth" revival in mind, body and spirit.  It's our unique path to feeling YNG'R.    


YNG is the original hot yoga studio of San Clemente, California.

YNG is yoga reborn! It’s innovative yoga combined with modern, functional movement taught by the top teachers in our community in a judgment-free environment. Together, we move, breathe, sweat and grow!




YNG thinks locally and acts globally. We give back through complimentary yoga classes once a week, supporting local businesses, taking a stand for social justice and, identifying the world water crisis, donating regularly to 3rd world countries. We take our yogic limbs off the mat and into the world to help create a better place.  It takes a village!

Welcome to YNG, where we unite the mind, body and spirit.

YNG is conveniently located in the heart of historic downtown San Clemente at 102 S. Ola Vista Avenue.

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YNG is a studio devoted to personal growth, transformation, community, and purpose — a sanctuary to decompress. YNG is committed to bringing the body’s imbalances back into harmony. YNG empowers students regardless of age, experience or background, through clear, safe instruction and a soulful, sincere approach, offering programs accessible to all. YNG brings the body, mind and spirit back into balance by reigniting and refocusing a sometimes-lost perspective, honoring the unique process of the individual journey to find true health and happiness. YNG is yoga reborn. 

Live life with a YNG mind!